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As owner/operator of Tesmans Service Station, a 35 year auto repair facility, it is my pleasure to share our experience with AVET llc.

In our recent lighting upgrade brought and proposed to me by Laurie Pollay, AVET Vice President/Sales representative, it is without hesitation that I say “wow”.

Not only was the complete process of replacing decades old fluorescent lighting in our entire shop effortless on our part but offered, proposed, planned and completed in an professional and timely manner. We had always said “someday, we need to upgrade to a more efficient light” as we changed our failed eight foot fluorescent bulbs on a continuous basis while suffering overall lighting quality deficiencies.

Our new LED lights, in and outside our facility is the closest thing to “daylight” I could have ever imagined. The quality of light, while much smaller in size, is so superior over what we had… I couldn’t possibly be happier!

Thank You Laurie! I am so glad you stopped!