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American Veteran Enterprise Team

A Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business – SDVOB

Wide-Array Procurement & Logistics (WAPL)

WAPL utilizes emerging B2B, B2C and B2G technologies to source and deliver what customers need no matter how arcane or obscure the product.

AVET has successfully on behalf of many government and private institutions:

• 2.7 million pounds of environmentally neutral ice melt
• 3 million poly trash bags 
• 37,000 padlocks
• 8,000 cans of insect repellent 
• LED lighting
• 6,400 electric extension cords

Jason Ambrosino is President and CEO of AVET. He is a Retired United States Army Commander of a Recon unit having served in two theaters of war at the “tip of the spear”. Subsequent to his active duty, Mr. Ambrosino was assigned to the Army’s Procurement and Logistics division where he handled multi-billions of dollars in Army contracts. Within the same period Jason attended the Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary where he earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Jason brings a deep knowledge of P&L and has established himself as a dedicated business leader.

Jason Ambrosino, President

Peter Fusco is Senior Vice President, Government and Institutional Sales. Mr. Fusco has several decades experience in both the public and private sectors as an Investment Banker and as a public official. Mr. Fusco was at one time the youngest Commissioner of Public Safety in the United States and has managed projects and budgets totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Peter holds the Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Rockefeller School of Government at SUNY Albany. He brings an extensive knowledge of finance and government regulations to the Company

Peter Fusco, Senior Vice President, Government and Institutional Sales. 

Laurie Pollay is Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales. Ms. Pollay has over 35 years experience as a marketing expert for large companies such as Time-Warner (now Spectrum). Laurie has trained hundreds of employees in the art of both inside and outside sales. She is an expert at display and retail setup as well. Laurie heads the lighting division of AVET and has overseen millions of dollars in projects for both public and private sector entities.

Laurie Pollay, Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales

Stephanie Dahl is the Office Administrator for AVET. She attended SUNY Brockport and has extensive experience in project management and customer service. Stephanie has managed increasingly large contracts projects from beginning to end. She is the company go-to person for many of AVET’s biggest clients.

Stephanie Dahl, Office Administrator