Today the term "information age" seems as quaint as an old English village. The internet is now a quantum factor beyond mere information, it is an integral part of the human experience, an absolute necessity whether we like it or not. More broadly, it is the foundation on which modern commerce exists. Without the internet, worldwide commerce would be stuck in a mercantile style system of political policy and paperwork. Not that geopolitics aren't always a factor, they are. But the internet has forced fundamental changes in the way we do business although the business basics have remained the same.

Though there are innumerable ways to make a profit, one fundamental is the chokepoint at which businesses live or die: financing. For small businesses, financing, especially access to it in the early stages, is critical.

It's called a "Catch-22", the brilliant observation by author Joseph Heller in which his character finds himself in a position where doing one thing requires doing another which if done makes the first thing impossible to do. In business it is financing. In order to buy the things necessary to sell one must have the money to do so, but in order to make the money necessary to buy things to sell, one must already have money from the sale of the things he could not buy for lack of money.

In an industry as old as the electrical industry, it is not only a problem of dragging itself into the 21st century and utilizing the internet for commerce, the mechanism for financing has been so cumbersome and clumsy, electrical contractors find themselves in a classic "Catch-22". They need to buy the highest quality materials and equipment at the lowest possible prices from modern eCommerce suppliers who don't have the traditional overhead of box stores. But they can't because until now only the box stores with their mammoth warehouses and expensive inventories could offer financing terms.

It's the Internet, dammit! Use it!

AVET LLC. has partnered with a company called Apruve to offer financing on purchases made over the internet. Yes, the cost savings of AVET, a modern internet supplier with direct connections to manufacturers, coupled with 30 day terms. Now that's the way business in the age of the internet should be conducted…it is now the AVET way and yours too.

It's as easy as sign up, apply and get terms. At checkout, use the Apruve option (the blue button), take 30 days to pay, go to work, make your profit, be happy, come back to see us again. Go ahead, jump forward.